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We would love to welcome you to use our Customer Portal!



When joining you must join with the email address we have on file, in order to link it to your account. Or you can enter our dance school code first: R9GMFXZ5


  • View the contact details we have on file for you and edit them 

  • Amend emergency contact details/medical details 

  • View invoices & receipts 

  • View upcoming payments

  • Pay invoices by either setting up a Go Cardless account or via Stripe (Debit/Credit card)

  • View and be prompted to resign our agreements 

  • Notify us when your child is going to be absent

  • Contact us more easily 


Why Should I Sign Up to the Customer Portal?

As busy parents, time is important and being able to access information quickly makes life so much easier for you! 

How do I Sign Up to the Customer Portal?

  • Click the link to join or login above

  • You may be prompted to enter your email address, or it may automatically pull this information through. (Please use the same email address you signed up to LDA with - the one this email has been sent to. You can update your email address if need be once you have been approved). 

  • You will be asked to create a password. Please ensure this is over 8 characters long. 

  • When you first log in, you will be prompted to read and accept our agreements. After this, you may be asked to update your details.

  • If you need our company code, it's: R9GMFXZ5

How do I pay my invoices on the portal?

You can still pay for your invoices via the card machine at the school or bank transfer. However, we have 2 new options that are easier and quicker for parents to pay online, which can be set up in the customer portal by either entering your bank account (Go cardless) or your debit/credit details (Stripe) to take the hassle out of paying for invoices or missing deadlines.

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