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Dear Parents and Students,

We ended the Summer term on a huge high with the majority of our students taking part in our show "UNITE". It felt so incredibly special getting back on stage again and I was so proud of the teachers, students and every single parent that helped out. It was certainly a team effort and we've had some incredible feedback, thank you. Our next show will be planned for July 2024 at The Radlett Centre. We don't know which weekend is available to us yet, but if you want to avoid any holiday clashes, don't go away until the schools break up!


As we look to the next academic year, our focus will turn to progressing in classes, and working through the grades for exam classes, you can read more about how our exams work below. We will also host our biannual Choreographic Competition which is open to all students who wish to test their creative skills. More information on this will be released at Christmas.


After the break during COVID, we will re start our amazing dance companies, which is an opportunity for students in Year 5 - Year 13, wishing to take their dance training more seriously and experience life as part of a company, with this brings additional performance and workshop opportunities . There are some up and coming external dance auditions and opportunities available to our students which your child may wish to audition/apply for listed at the bottom of this newsletter. Unfortunately we do not have the facility to provide end of term reports but if you ever want an update on how your child is doing in class, or perhaps they'd like to know more about external opportunities available to them, then please email or arrange a call, we're always happy to feedback. 


As Baby Sherman is growing (I'm currently unsure how I'll manage to jump around for the remaining time) my maternity leave is looming and plans for my maternity cover can be found below.

We hope you have a lovely Autumn Term at LDA

All the best, Becky and the LDA team!




Well done to everyone involved in "UNITE". It was a huge success, well done to all students, teachers and parents.

DVD's will be handed out at the start of term. 

THE SHOW DVD's & DOWNLOAD LINK can still be ordered online: ORDER DVD

All photos can still be purchased: ORDER PHOTOS Login code: LDA22   

"Seeing ... on stage brought a tear to my eye, dance is such a positive aspect in their life so thank you for your continued support. you're all amazing" 

"The Organisation was incredible, it's very much appreciated what you do behind the scenes and the onstage result was a real treat. The standard was incredible and so wonderful to watch"

"Thank you for the support you gave .. at not one point was she anxious or nervous and this will be a hugely positive experience for her moving forward"

"the show was amazing, the dancing was incredible, I really don't know how you all do it. We're so lucky to be part of the LDA family"

"The organisation was seamless, the costume amazing, the children were fantastic, JUST WOW, thank you so much"

" I came to watch tonight and the children seemed to love every second, it was a joy to watch"

"We are delighted at the positive change in ... The inclusivity at LDA has been amazing and it has meant such a lot to them"

"The show was phenomenal, you must be bursting with pride for all your students and teachers"





Dance company auditions: 1st October from 3:45pm TBC

Choreographic Competition: 21st May TBC


LDA has been running our successful dance company "Spectrum" for 10 years. This is an amazing opportunity for students wishing to take their dance training more seriously and access amazing performance and workshop opportunities. We also invite in a guest choreographer who has performed professionally in the industry to inspire them. In 2019 we started a second company "LDA Juniors" for years 5+, allowing them their first experience of being part of a company.

Students must attend 2 of the following genres: Ballet, Modern Contemporary or Jazz

This year we are planning to perform at Alton Towers, take part in a live music Contemporary workshop at The Place in London. Attend a west end workshop, west end musical and perform in our Choreographic Competition.

Details of auditions will be released very soon - keep an eye out!

Amazing Thriller workshop! Now off to see the show! #thriller #westend 💃🏽🙌🏽
Spectrum dance company audition forms available from your teachers 🌟😘🎉#whositgoingtobet
IMG_E281F9AAC685-1 2.jpeg


Many of you are now using our portal, aside from just viewing your details did you know you can also:

  • View your first, next, and last class of term

  • Mark if you’re going to be absent and a reason

  • Manage/view up and coming payments

  • Contact us directly from the portal

DOWNLOAD VIA THE App Store: Thinksmart Portal


Nursery/Early Years:

Please note: all our classes are independent and not toddler and parent classes. We send them a little video before the start of term and are very supportive in helping them into the class, we find that students settle extremely quickly if parents drop and go from the first lesson. Please keep this in mind when deciding if your child is ready to attend an independent class. We hold a watching week once a term for you to see your child in class and have a waiting area very close if you are needed.

Classical Ballet Prep: Saturday – 9:00 – 9:30am – Wheatfields Junior School

Reception/Year 1:

Please note all our classes are independent and not toddler and parent classes.

Modern Dance Primary: Saturday – 9:35 – 10:05am – Wheatfields Infants’ School

Year 1:

Classical Ballet Pre-Primary: Saturday – 9:00 – 9:30am – Wheatfields Junior School

Year 1&2:

Tap Dance Primary: Wednesday 4:10 – 4:40pm – Marshalswick Baptist Church

Year 2:

Contemporary Dance: Saturday – 9:00 – 9:30am – Marshalswick Baptist Church Modern Dance Primary: Saturday – 10:10 – 10:40am – Wheatfields Infants’ School

Year 3:

Contemporary Dance: Saturday – 9:35 – 10:20am – Marshalswick Baptist Church

Year 3&4:

Tap Dance Primary: Wednesday 4:10 – 4:40pm – Marshalswick Baptist Church Street Dance: Friday 4:30 – 5:00pm - Wheatfields Junior School

Year 5&6:

Jazz Dance: Fridays 5:05 – 5:35pm - Wheatfields Junior School

Years 5 to 7:

Contemporary Dance Beginners: Monday 6:50 – 7:30pm – Skyswood School

Year 7&8:

Progressing Ballet Technique/Stretch: Wednesdays 6:20 – 7:00pm – Wheatfields Junior School


Tap Dance Teens: Wednesday 5:50 – 6:20pm – Marshalswick Baptist Church Contemporary Dance All levels: Saturdays 10:25 – 11:10am – Marshalswick Baptist Church


At LDA, ISTD exams are optional, once a student is showing the ability to take an exam, we will contact the parent at the beginning of the term. We only receive our exam dates approx 15 weeks in advance. Students are required to attend additional coaching classes, which will be listed in an exam letter, as well as attending their normal class.  If a student does not wish to take the exam but has reached the required standard, then they will be able to move up with their class, this does not stop them from taking future exams. Not all of our classes follow an exam syllabus, with Street and Contemporary being non-Syllabus classes. Exams are not linked to changing school years.
An outline of the ISTD syllabus can be found



Day of Dance: 9-12yrs: Sunday 30th October



Welwyn Garden City Pantomime Auditions: 6 – 12yrs - Sunday 4th September:


Radlett Centre Pantomime Auditions: 7yrs + - Monday 12th September:


St Albans Pantomime: 8-21yrs old - 20th November:


Musical Theatre:

Rare productions Musical Theatre shows St Albans:


Performers Elite: Age 12yrs+ - 1 Sunday per Month



London Children’s Ballet: 9 – 14yrs


English Youth Ballet: To keep an eye on upcoming auditions:


Tring Park associates open day: 6th and 7th October:



Trinity Laban Conservatoire – Courses, holiday schools and CAT scheme:


The Place – CAT scheme 11-17yrs:

Mondays - Miss Sophia will join us on week 3 and look to take over from week 4
Wednesdays/Saturdays - Miss Tania will join us around week 4/5 and look to take over after half term.
Wednesdays evening: Miss Becca will take over Rhythm Tap, Adv Jazz and Adult Tap from half term
Thursdays - Miss Gabby and Miss Becky will be teaching this half term and Miss Gabby will take over after half term.
Thursday evening: Adult Ballet will be taken over after half term by Miss Becca


Congratulations to Kuhu who successfully auditioned for the London Children's Ballet.

Best of Luck to Megan who will continue her Dance journey at The Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance.





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