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LDA has successfully run “Spectrum Dance Company” for over 10 years! Initially set up to give senior students, intending on developing dance as a career, the opportunity to experience professional workshops and performances. The company was so successful we decided to open it up to our younger students in 2019, starting “LDA Juniors”. Students in the company are selected at our yearly audition, usually around October time. The number of students we accept depends on the opportunities planned for the year.


The dance companies are a great way for our students who are more serious about dancing to experience life in a company and the greater demand on performance and professionalism that comes with it. In the past students have performed in the West End, taken part in professional workshops led by industry choreographers and represented LDA in multiple local events. They also get the opportunity to attend inspirational theatre and dance studio visits.

NEXT AUDITION - 1st October 2022

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