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Choreographic Competition 2023
21st May 2023 - The Abbey Theatre, St Albans

The first LDA Choreographic Competition was in 1993 and has been running biannually ever since! The choreographic competition was started to give our students the experience of competitive dancing in a fun and friendly environment. The Choreographic competition is the chance for ALL of our students to get creative with their choreography, taking all they have learnt in class and taking charge! They pick the music, the costume and perform it at our Choreographic Competition at The Abbey Theatre, St Albans. Students should decide on performing a solo, duet or group dance. Students are split into age categories based on the oldest dancer. Each category has a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, as well as an overall winner of the Musicality award, Theatricality award, Costume award and the Adjudicators award. We also have our awards evening as well as presenting our scholarship award.

Time limits:
Solos 1mins 30seconds
Duets 2mins 30seconds
     Groups 3mins

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